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I remembered the despair while I was helping people,  

have seen so many people are suffering and kids playing around without shoes

at mission works in many countries that I couldn’t help them more.

I had been praying how I can help them

and finally have decided I would establish a fashion business to help them.

Love Actually Designer Brand

We present Beautiful Clothing and Hats with Highend Fabric,

High-Quality Sewing, Delicate Design.

Our products are only made by Artisans in Seoul, Korea for the High Quality. 

It becomes the Designer Brand widely known around the world.

We have a philosophy that Love others as yourself, and and would like a brand helps less fortunate people, and connects Fashion and Love, Love and People. 


Seoul based Womenswear brand founded in 2018 by Designer Joohee Jeong.

She has studied in Fashion design in both Korea and United States and worked as a Fashion designer and Stylist and other jobs in Fashion field. 

 Love Actually brand reflects the most important is Love. Love Actually  is the central thing in our lives that we tend to forget when we are still alive. This brand is the bridge connecting between Fashion and Love, and Love and People. 

Matthew 22:39 

Love your neighbor as yourself.

We spread love to the world while all employees love each other.

We help people who are needy with mind and behavior.



Build Luxury Brands that are better around the world.

Make good company good people can work delightfully.  

Core Value:

Make clothes and products of Love.

Assist people who are in need, giving some of the revenue. 

Love God and Neighbors.

Think highly of noble character more precious than money.

The company customer can trust.

Do business with honesty.

Help customer more prosperous.

Love animal and nature.

Work hard with sweat.

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